REAL Chinese food
Real Chinese Food

Jake and I went to see Best Worst Movie at the Flatpack film festival this evening (which was really great, by the way). Beforehand, we thought we’d get a bite to eat – and since we were in the Chinese Quarter, we thought we’d have Chinese food.

We tried a couple of places, most of which were packed, but they had room for two at BBQ Village and so we took our seat. We took it as a good sign that we were the only non-Chinese people in the whole place.

After studying the menu for a while, we realised that what most of the people were eating didn’t even appear on the menu.

“Oh, you want the REAL Chinese menu. We gave you the ENGLISH Chinese menu. Yeah, you won’t even find most of that stuff in China.”

And so instead of chicken chow mein, vegetable fried rice and sweet and sour pork, we suddenly had a much more extensive and interesting range of dishes to choose from. Jake wanted to try the skewered octopus, and we ordered chilli fish fillet to share – which appeared to be a soup made mostly of chillies (just look at it!) – and was just amazing. More than enough for both of us.

Far and away the best Chinese food I’ve ever eaten.