Conservatoire musicians
Jazz musicians at the Conservatoire come face to face with Media students

I went to the Birmingham Conservatoire this evening. Now that they’re part of the same faculty as us, we’re finally allowed to do collaborative stuff. I was there with our Music Promotions and PR second year students, whose job it is to select an artist and create a promotional campaign for them.

There was a showcase of some amazing talent (including the John Fleming Quartet above), and then the groups met to discuss how our students’ assignment could be beneficial to the careers and ambitions of the jazz students.

A really productive evening, I heard some great music, and then we all headed off to the CBSO to see saxophonist Tim Berne’s band Buffalo Collision, which features two members of The Bad Plus (who I’d actually heard of and own records by).

Incidentally John Fleming’s quartet (above) are playing at the Yardbird on Thursday night this week. You should go. It’s free, and they’re really good.

Of course, there’s no way you’d know this, because the Yardbird TOTALLY FAILS at the internet.