Nothing fancy, you understand… (Photo by R.Duran)

We’re moving house. Or at least – we’d like to. And not far either.

The area we live is pretty much spot on for us right now. It’s just that all of the little niggly things about the house we’re in at the moment are starting to become larger niggly things, and we’re tired of putting up with stuff. The landlord, while reasonable, is very much of the ‘if it’s not fatal, it’s good enough’ school of home maintenance.

And because we’re renters, we feel we have the option to move on after a couple of years. Move up a notch every now and then. Right now, we’d like where we live to be a bit more… well… perfect. We’ve started the hunt, but it’s early days.

Rather than just go through estate agents, we thought we’d put the call out and see if anyone we know knows of anyone that might have a place to rent that fits the bill.

The wish list
We have a few non-negotiables and some strong preferences that will make us sound really fussy – but we’re in no desperate rush to move so we can just wait until the stars align.

It doesn’t have to be a “house” – a large apartment might do. But I reckon a house is the way forward – and probably a detached or semi-detached one at that…

Here’s the list:

3 double bedrooms – or more. Preferably large ones. We have a teenager (with a drum kit) and a housemate who’s coming with us because he’s part of the family.

Needs to be in South Birmingham. Preferably Hall Green or Shirley. That sort of area. Solihull, perhaps… but we’d look at other areas if the next condition was met.

On or near a main bus route to Solihull. The number 6 would be ideal, but there are others that go out that way. Jake needs to get to school – so Moseley and Kings Heath are out of the question, because even though they’re reasonably close, it’s a 2-3 bus adventure to get to college from there, which is no good at all.

No ugly floral or textured wallpaper or ornate 1970s lighting fixtures. Never again. Plain, neutral, and minimal.

Must have a dishwasher.

Strongly prefer gas hobs, but an electric oven.

A decent and usable kitchen layout. No more sinks in corners – that’s just nonsense. Ideally, it should have a breakfast bar or space for a kitchen table.

Light, airy, open plan kind of thing would be great. Especially if it had high ceilings.

A decent shower. No electric showers. They’re rubbish.

Electricity outlets in all the rooms. Seriously – why would people have rooms with no power sockets?

A back garden – preferably low maintenance, but some grass to sit on in the summertime would be nice.

Gas central heating.

Double glazing throughout.

Walking distance to a train station would be great.

Also, it would be great if it could just be… y’know… nice, and not horrifically expensive.

If you know or hear of anything that comes close, we’d love it if you would get in touch. Thanks.