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I don’t own a television set, and while I do watch the odd show, it’s usually at a rate of about one or two programmes per week, give or take – and never on any particular schedule.*

If I have a bit of downtime, and my brain isn’t up to much, I’ll head to iPlayer for a panel show comedy of some kind, or a light and fluffy documentary programme like that Wonders of the Solar System thing I enjoyed half an hour of over the weekend.

But I love great television. Especially well-written television. I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan, I’m blown away by pretty much anything that Jane Espenson turns her hand to (with the possible exception of Andy Barker, PI) and I think Aaron Sorkin‘s a bit of a genius. I think the medium is capable of some fantastic long-arc storytelling, and some of it is easily the equal of some of the best cinema out there. Often it’s even better.

My problem is one of time. But I have an idea that provides me with a very simple solution to that…

It’s basically just a list
“No, I haven’t seen that TV series yet. It’s on my Retirement Pile…”

The Retirement Pile is something I invented to stop myself feeling like I was missing out by not watching all the great TV series that all my friends are raving about.

Of course it’s important that I watch Battlestar Galactica, Lost, The Wire, Breaking Bad and Mad Men. I love a really good TV series, and I can marathon a box set like it’s going out of fashion. Your recommendations and enthusiasms are much appreciated.

It’s just not important that I watch them right now. I have other things I’m doing at the moment. But one day, I’ll be retired, and think how many great shows I’ll get to sit down and watch. I’m really looking forward to it.

If you have any shows you’d recommend to me (or films for that matter), I’d love to hear them. And I will definitely check them out and no doubt enjoy them.

I’m just massively procrastinating about it – in an organised fashion.

*The glaring exception to this is Supernatural. Bobbie and I watch it together every week that it’s on – and not because it’s good. It’s a guilty pleasure. I mean – it’s The Dukes of Hazzard with ghosts. What’s not to like?

Table of contents for 30 Days of Ideas

  1. The other way of following first
  2. Now we’re up and dancing
  3. 30 days of ideas – 01: Keymash
  4. 30 days of ideas – 02: Radio Alerts
  5. 30 days of ideas – 03: Only Famous (a romantic comedy)
  6. 30 days of ideas – 04: Modcasts
  7. 30 days of ideas – 05: Numberless Calendar
  8. 30 days of ideas – 06: SpringCleanr
  9. 30 days of ideas – 07: Street Gallery
  10. 30 days of ideas – 08: Smart Business Cards
  11. 30 days of ideas – 09: Recordings in Concert
  12. 30 days of ideas – 10: Vinyl scanner
  13. 30 days of ideas – 11: Photo Stack-and-Scan
  14. 30 days of ideas – 12: A Box of Cool
  15. 30 days of ideas – 13: Karaoke-Tube Celebstar Idol
  16. 30 days of ideas – 14: I Made You A Tape
  17. 30 days of ideas – 15: Newspaper download codes
  18. 30 days of ideas – 16: Pebble Splash
  19. 30 days of ideas – 17: Digital radio, somewhere useful
  20. 30 days of ideas – 18: Public domain music collection
  21. 30 days of ideas – 19: Blog cast-list automator
  22. 30 days of ideas – 20: The Retirement Pile
  23. 30 days of ideas – 21: Nationalise EMI
  24. 30 days of ideas – 22: The Stainless Steel Rat (the movie)
  25. 30 days of ideas – 23: WordPress Bandcampify template
  26. 30 days of ideas – 24: Rollercoasters as public transport
  27. 30 days of ideas – 25: Next-gen personalised music radio
  28. 30 days of ideas – 26: New Music Trust
  29. 30 days of ideas – 27: Tamagotchi Gardening
  30. 30 days of ideas – 28: Charity shop clothing subscription
  31. 30 days of ideas – 29: ‘Now Playing’ social music app
  32. 30 days of ideas – 30: House of Spare Ideas
  33. Mixtape for You by Ray Kuyvenhoven
  34. What can you do in 30 days?