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This is the first of what I suspect will be a number of radio-related ideas in amongst the 30.

Radio Alerts
Today’s idea is a blend of existing technologies to create a service that I, for one, would find very useful – ‘Google Alerts‘ style messages containing direct links to time-shifted radio content that is about something I happen to be interested in.

Not whole shows, of course – you can already listen to Gilles Peterson in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon if you want to. I’m talking about capturing mentions of topics that you’re interested in.

Here’s how it would work:

1) The audio output of a number of radio stations is fed straight into voice recognition software, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking.

The software would convert the spoken content of the radio stations into indexed and searchable text. This could apply both to speech and music radio.

2) Phrases and sentences of transcribed speech would be timestamped and identified by station and saved to a database.

3) Users would register their email address (or Twitter feed) to receive Google Alert style messages whenever someone on the radio said something about the thing they’re interested in… with direct links to that section of the archived radio stream.

Users could select their sources by region, format or perhaps choose from a list. You may not ever want to listen to what anyone has to say on Heart FM, for instance, so you could exclude that station from your results.

But let’s say I’m interested in dairy farming, bungee jumping and quilting, and I’m a fan of Joni Mitchell, Pere Ubu and Supertramp. I’d sign up to the service, enter those choices, and then once a day I’d get a message saying:

Hi, Andrew! Here are your radio alerts for the past 24 hours:

Joni Mitchell was mentioned on BBC Radio 2 at 14:36

Dairy farming was mentioned on BBC Radio 4 at 11:05

Bungee jumping was mentioned on Capital Radio at 23:02

Bungee jumping was mentioned on Kiss FM at 19:03

Supertramp was mentioned on Galaxy FM at 14:42

Nobody mentioned quilting or Pere Ubu today.

I’d click on the links, which would take me as close to that time marker as possible on the correct radio stream and then listen to what each of those mentions entailed.

In this case, it might have been a trailer for a live Joni Mitchell concert broadcast coming up this weekend; a 10-minute report about new subsidies for dairy farming; there may have been something in the news about a minor bungee jumping accident in New Zealand; and Galaxy FM could conceivably have played a new Dizzy Rascal tune and talked about the fact that a Supertramp song that had been sampled for it.

You get the idea. You could scan the airwaves for news about your company or a topic you were researching; you could jump to your favourite song, or hear an interview with someone that you otherwise may have missed.

Of course, not every radio station has an archived stream, but for the amount of content that is out there, this could be a very useful way of finding helpful or interesting things you otherwise may have missed, and in a way that works with the 7-day window that the BBC gives you to Listen Again

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