I talked to the animals, for a start…

In case you missed it, I’ve spent the whole of the month of February on holiday. It’s been brilliant. I haven’t had time off work like that since… well, I can’t actually remember having had time off work like that before. Four weeks. Amazing.

My sister asked me: “a holiday from what?” – which is actually a fair question. I love my job, I work with cool people, I go interesting places and get to do cool stuff. I suppose that looks like most people’s idea of a holiday most of the time.

So unlike most people, I didn’t go somewhere for my holiday. In fact, quite the opposite. I was delighted to stay at home and just chill for a change. I hardly ever get to do that. And while there was an awful lot of lazing on the couch, sleeping in and mucking about on the computer, that doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything…

In retrospect, I wasn’t completely idle
I made a C90 compilation cassette tape every single day.
I went for a long bike ride every single day.
I had an afternoon nap every single day.
I saw Rammstein live at the NEC.
I had coffee with an R&B producer from the Bahamas.
I spent a day on a farm.
I explored the canals of Birmingham.
I discovered lots of interesting local stuff I just had no idea about.
I helped Jake excavate his bedroom.
I had lunch with friends in town.
I read a few books.
I made a couple of websites.
I watched a couple of movies.
I took lots of photos.
I rediscovered my love of audiobooks.
I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary.
I celebrated Waitangi Day.
I learned to cook a few new dishes.
I wrote a few blog posts.
I was awarded a Readership.
I went to a performance of Steve Reich’s ‘Drumming’.
I listened to jazz records.
I went to an open-mic evening.
I got the accounts up to date.
I did a spot of spring cleaning.
I discussed philosophy (and lost).
I played chess (and won).
I wrote 8,000 words of my book.

And tomorrow, I’m going to a classical music performance at the Town Hall.

Back to work
On Monday, it’s back to work – and actually, I’m really looking forward to it. As much as I’ve loved having the time off, I have some really cool projects coming up – not the least of which is working with the great jazz bass player, Dave Holland.

Can’t wait.