Model Railway
Toot! Toot!

Another weird discovery while out riding my bike today. I was meandering along the Illshaw Heath Road out in the countryside, about 5 miles away from home, when I saw an open gate leading to what looked like an enormous paddock with a train station way off in the distance.

I quickly realised that the train station was a lot closer than I’d thought – just a lot smaller. And so were the tracks. This was the headquarters of the Birmingham Society of Model Engineers.

I stopped in and chatted to three guys who were hard at work hand-building a boiler for a steam locomotive. They were polite enough to let me have a look around and take some photos, but also made it clear that they were quite busy working.

Tomorrow’s the day the public turns up and they had stuff to do.

To be clear – they weren’t making the kind of model trains that you can have in your living room – but the ones that you can sit on, and ride around the tracks like this:

Photo from the BSME website

Incidentally, today’s photo WAS going to be of some donkeys I met this morning, but I figured I’d overdone the farm animals recently, and so the model railway thing was a welcome find.