Brian Travers and Anthony Herron
Anthony Herron from Boy Wonder Records and Brian Travers from UB40

I had an interesting lunch that stretched to a whole afternoon at Cafe Soya (my favourite place to get Won Ton Noodle Soup).

I was there with Jez Collins, who I work with at the university; my neighbour and local record label expert / web developer Anthony Herron; and Brian Travers, sax player from UB40.

Brian had invited us to talk about ideas about iPhone apps and web stuff, and how UB40 could make use of those sorts of things in an interesting way… but also to just hang out, catch up, drink beer and eat noodles – which, to be fair, we did quite a bit of.

Thoroughly lovely way to spend a Friday afternoon, though I got a bit lost when they started talking about Aston Villa and Wembley or something.