Tidying Jake's room - Phase 1
Spot the teenager

Today’s mission was a simple one: Operation Jake’s Room.

Of course, when I say ‘simple’, the plan itself is very straightforward, but the implementation is complex and messy – to say the least.

There are three phases:

1) Collect all of his possessions, books, clothes, pieces of paper, plastic toys, bottle caps, tools, items of found ‘treasure’ and everything else not actually nailed down, put it all into boxes and bags, and pile them in the middle of the room;

2) Pull one item out at a time and ask the following questions:

– What is it?
– Do you need it?
– Can it be thrown away?
– What happens if it does get thrown away?
– Where does it live?
– Are you sure we can’t throw it away?
– Really?

3) Repeat until there are no more belongings to sort.

It’s a big job, and we suspect it’ll take a whole week, at a rate of 2 big black rubbish sacks per day. But we have completed phase one, and he does have the whole of this coming week off for half-term break.

Anything still in a black rubbish sack when he goes back to school will just be put out for collection without any further inspection.