Picnic on the canals
Picnic at Bromford Junction

Yes, another bike ride photo. I’ve been doing a lot of cycling on my holiday, and today I decided to make a bit of an afternoon of it and take a picnic.

Our friend Jo brought a bottle of wine over for dinner last night, and there was enough left for a glass and a bit with my sandwiches, fruitcake and apple. So I wrapped the bottle and a glass in teatowels, and popped them in my stylish basket.

I made it as far as Bromsford Junction (map link), which is about 12 miles away from home by the route I went. It’s up in the Northwest of the city. Just a few more miles and I’d have been in Wolverhampton.

Not the nicest stretch of canals in the world – mostly along the back of factories – but there were some nice bits and it was a nice day.

Fortunately, where I ended up was pretty close to Smethwick Galton Bridge railway station, which is on the Stratford-Upon-Avon line that goes to our local station, so it was just an easy half-hour train ride home with a muddy bike in tow.