Un-Convention Groningen

Today was the second day of Un-Convention Groningen – and the first day I tried something a bit more adventurous with the camera. I set it to Black and White settings, and put everything on Manual.

There are too many variables. Aperture setting, shutter speed, ISO… well, just those three really – but still. It takes me an awfully long time to set up and compose a shot. And by then, people have moved.

So – I’ll spend a while being bad at it before I can be good at it. Like learning the violin, really – only less screechy. I was quite pleased with how a few of them turned out, but the portraits left a lot to be desired.

It’s just a compact camera – a Leica D-Lux 3. It’s a good one, but it has its limitations. But it’s biggest limitation currently is the operator. I’ll try and improve. I’ve taken the training wheels off, and we’ll see how it goes.