System Monitor

I had a problem on my laptop. Something called AddressBookSync was going crazy – sucking up almost all of my system resources. I don’t really know what it was, which piece of software it was connected to (though I have my suspicions) or even how I eventually managed to get rid of it – but the difference to my Macbook now that I’m rid of it is astonishing.

I only really noticed the problem over the last few days. The computer’s been getting more and more sluggish over time which, when it happens gradually, you’re only marginally aware of. But recently, the fan has been going nonstop, programmes were taking minutes to load, and it had started to do that thing where you type, go make a cup of tea, and return to see your words emerge, one character at a time, on the screen.

I went for the Activity Monitor and immediately identified the process to blame, quit it, and things calmed down. Three minutes later, it was back – and it was angry. I killed it again, but like the last 15 minutes of Terminator – just when you think it’s dead, up it pops again like an unstoppable, all-devouring technozombie.

I Googled it, but the only AddressBookSync I could find was a piece of software I have never downloaded. It puts Facebook pictures on your contacts. Or something like that. Anyway – not something I’ve ever used (and given my experience with its namesake, something I’d be very cautious of).

So I went digging and started removing programmes. By midnight, I was sure it was dead. The last thing I did was to remove all traces of the Missing Sync for Windows Mobile. I no longer have a Window Mobile (can I get an ‘Amen’?) and run everything natively for the Mac/iPhone world.

There were some complicated steps to take to remove all traces of it. I found Response #6 on this forum very helpful.

I don’t have hard evidence that Missing Sync was the culprit, but I have strong suspicions. It was only one of many extraneous things that I removed from my laptop last night and I’m glad it’s gone.

But the lesson for Mac users is to keep an eye on the Activity Monitor from time to time. See if there’s anything hogging resources and keeping you from enjoying the lightning reactions of an unencumbered machine. I didn’t know what I had, but now that it’s gone, the difference is night and day.

It’s awesome. I feel like I’ve got a brand new computer. Only smudgy.