I’ve been blogging quite a bit recently. Not that you’d know by looking at this site. It’s been quiet as anything here. But I have been doing lots of interesting things and writing about them.

All my blog posts have been going here: http://dubber.posterous.com

Why? Because I’ve fallen in love with Posterous for one simple reason: you can blog anything via email. No matter what you send it, either in the body of the message or as an attachment, it integrates it, displays it properly and is really intuitive to use.

I’m using it for all sorts of things (see Just Like Jazz and The Aftershock Project for starters), and I’m working on getting it integrated with this site – but there have been some difficulties. I’m hopeful that those difficulties will work themselves out, and if anything important happens, I’ll be sure of posting it here as well as on my Posterous blog.

But until then, everything else will turn up there and not here. There’s already a fair bit of stuff – image galleries, video and audio as well as text. I’ve written about my frustrations getting things sync’ed up, and like I say – I’m optimistic that this will sort itself out in time.