I’ve taken this week off work to help Jake study for his GCSE exams. He’s had a few already, but he has this week off and then some major exams coming up, so I thought this would be a good chance to sit at the dining room table with him, supervise and give him a hand.

We’re a bit slow to start: Monday was a bank holiday. I arrived back from a couple of days on the Isle of Jura, where I was “working hard” on my whisky-themed blog and tasting enterprise, Dubber & Clutch. Jake was in London with Kerryn & Haydn and their boys, Shay and Zac.

We both experienced train delays on our respective journeys home (and I even missed one of mine, while Clutch boarded with the tickets) and so we were both tired and unproductive last night. This morning’s a sleep-in of course – and hopefully I’ll get Jake to write something on his blog about his trip (his first solo journey through London).

Maybe we’ll start studying after lunch…