I started a new project this week. A book, actually. And I set up a website for it. It’s called Deleting Music.

I was looking around for a really good WordPress template to use, and I found this one. It’s called P2. This video explains what’s so good about it, and you’ll probably get why I like it so much. In effect, if I’m logged in, all I have to do is come to this page you’re looking at right now, and just start typing. It’s brilliant.

As I messed about with it, I thought it would be really good to use that template here on my personal site too, and made a note to give it a try after May, once I’ve finished with all of the NZ Music Month one-a-day videos.

But I really love using it so much, I’ve decided to just jump in and start using it here. What do you think?

By the way – you can get yourself a little picture that’ll show up by your comments if you just go to Gravatar and upload an image.