Taniwha St

I’m back from New Zealand, where I had a fantastic time doing all sorts of interesting things. I gave two presentations, did three radio shows, met up with friends and family, attended a couple of industry events, visited several cafes, interviewed half a dozen interesting people – and worked out the structure, treatment, instrumentation and musical personnel for 14 songs.

Here’s video of the speech I gave for The Great Blend;
Here’s the Kim Hill ‘Playing Favourites’ radio interview (mp3);
Here are some photos I took;
Here’s a video stroll through Real Groovy Records;

I’d be more comprehensive, but not only did I not have a single moment to sit down and blog the whole time I was there, now I’m back – I’m rather jetlagged.

Thanks to Mum & Dad for having me stay and the use of their car; Caitlin for the airfare and the chance to work on the album; Russell for the opportunity to share billing with Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tesanovic; Mark Cubey for inviting me on Kim Hill’s radio programme; Wammo for inviting me on his; Mark Robinson for inviting me on his; Nathan, Blackie, Nick D, Mark Roach, Manual and Danny for the interviews; Brendan for the NZ on Air function invitation; and everyone else for being so nice, friendly, helpful and interesting.