I So Wish

Stef and I re-launched I So Wish today. We’d been doing some work on it behind the scenes, and we’ve had a little input from Daniel Reardon, who is being our business guy, for lack of a better term.

Rather than simply being a site where you can make wishes – it’s now a site where you can make wishes AND grant other people’s wishes. Or at least be helpful. One person described it as ‘Jim’ll Fix It, but everyone gets to be Jim’. Nice.

Go sign up and make a wish. Go and have a look at some other wishes and see if there’s anything you can do to help. I’ve granted one already – and Jake found himself a couple of hundred quid worth of website development and graphic design work because someone wished for a decent blog. I’ll be coming to him for pocketmoney before too long.

I'm a wish ape

My favourite part of the site is the fact that the more you wish, and the more helpful you are, the more you move up the alphabet of animals.

You start life as a Wish Aardvark, then by adding comments, and making and granting wishes, you make your way up to Wish Budgerigar, Wish Giraffe, Wish Ocelot… and so on up to Wish Zorse (a cross between a zebra and a horse) – and that’s some pretty high-end wish granting capabilities up that end of the spectrum.

To date, now that we’ve re-calibrated (and added a few more species) nobody’s even made it into the Bs.

At the time of writing, I’m a Wish Ape.

It’s been such a fun project to work on, it’s great to see it up and live, and getting some real traffic on it. We’re doing a Christmas Wish launch. What’s your wish for 2009? You may even find it gets granted…