Read this: Bomb blasts captured in chilling voice mail message

A radio station Friday broadcast a chilling, 12-second recording of terrorist bombs exploding on one of the Madrid commuter trains as an evacuated passenger screams in fright.”

How long do you think they wondered “should we broadcast this?”

As horrified and upset and appalled as those broadcasters no doubt were – and still are, something in their heads went “Ah, this is great audio. Let’s put it to air.” I can appreciate the desire to accurately report and convey the horror, but what you end up with is snuff radio. Like that TV show a couple of years back in which people leapt to their deaths from a building that had been hit by an aeroplane – and the camera just followed them down so we could watch the impact.

Sometimes you just have to wonder what goes on in people’s heads. In a much lesser local transgression – much as I like Graham Reid – there’s something appallingly “quote me! quote me!” in this pseudo-poetic line from his Herald column:

“To fully appreciate the magnitude of the attack we must imagine the unimaginable: Death arriving by train one morning like an ordinary commuter.”

Ick. But there y’go Graham – quoted.