Questions I haven’t asked Dave Allen

I’m going to be speaking with Dave Allen on Tuesday this week. Dave is Director of Artist and Music Industry Advocacy for streaming music service Beats Music. He also happens to have been the bass player for one of my favourite post-punk / new wave bands of the 80s. No, not Gang of Four – I’m talking about Shriekback.*

Dave is going to give a presentation about Why Musicians Should Embrace Streaming – and then he and I are going to sit down and have a chat.

I’ve been preparing for the conversation, which will be live in front of an audience at Birmingham City University (it’s free, and there are still some seats left – but you’ll need to book now) – and I thought I’d share with you the questions I’m going to be asking Dave to continue the conversation.

Of course, that means he can read these questions ahead of time should he wish. That’s absolutely fine – I’m not trying to trip anyone up. I’m asking these questions to try and find out the answers, as well as to open up the dialogue a little further and take it in some interesting directions.

That said, I may play devil’s advocate from time to time. So here’s what I have in mind…


Stef 3.0 and Eyebrow Pete

I had a bit of a celebratory weekend. To kick off, it was Clutch’s stag party, which pretty much involved a bunch of really great people – many of whom I hadn’t met before – drinking a fair bit, joking around and talking nonsense. Today it was Stef Lewandowski’s 30th birthday, and that was celebrated as a lunchtime roast at Stef’s house with a few friends.

Amogst a bunch of diverse, talented and interesting guests, Birmingham pro-blogger Pete Ashton from Created In Birmingham was in attendance. Stef had just been given seed funding for a brand new venture, and I had just come into possession of a decent video camera — so the idea was hatched to have Pete interview Stef, capture it on video and upload it to the internet. So here it is.

I suspect more of this sort of thing will start to happen now that the the Birmingham blog scene seems to have discovered online video.