I like taking photographs

Today’s reflection on ‘stuff I like to do’ is about photography.

Like going record shopping, taking photos has sort of become my ‘thing’. Unlike going record shopping, this is a fairly recent development, and I had a pretty steep learning curve.

I took a beginners’ course a while back, which gave me a good start. It helped me with a core understanding of the mechanics of the camera, a basic sense of how light works, a bit of insight into concepts of composition, which way around to hold the thing and so on.

Since then, it’s become one of my favourite things to do. I’ve been on a couple of organised photo walks, but actually, I hardly go anywhere without a camera – and in fact, I’ve started going places because I have a camera.


Photo of the day – 134

Jez resets his watch as Dallas Mike shows a stranger his photos of London

The end of a long day – and the beginning of an even longer one. A late night train to Heathrow starts our journey to Medellín. That Mike guy over there was just someone we happened to meet on the way. He’s off happening to meet someone else now…