The line between the digital world and the physical one is imaginary

There have been some really interesting projects spring up recently that make use of physical objects in three-dimensional space to negotiate or interact with digital media. This seems important.

It’s something I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to recently – and I’ve been paying close attention to this development, especially with respect to music making and music consumption – but it applies right across the realm of things we like to think of as ‘creative’ or ‘playful’.

To show you what I mean about the erasure of the line between digital and physical, take a look at Osmo – an iPad toy that uses wooden puzzle pieces to engage children in creative play and group activities.

As you see from the video, users arrange the wooden shapes on a table in front of the iPad and get instruction and feedback to let them know when they have it right. It puts the play in physical space rather than simply on the screen, but also uses the intelligence of the iPad to make the experience entirely interactive.