Music Radio

Sunday Jazz (2008-2009)
Weekly specialist jazz show on Birmingham-based internet radio station Rhubarb Radio.

It’s A Jazz Thing (2000-2006)
Weekly specialist jazz programme broadcast nationwide in New Zealand on dance music radio station George FM.

Join the Dots (2003-2004)
Weekly feature broadcast on Sunday Mornings on Radio New Zealand National. The series looked for connections between seemingly disparate pieces of popular music, and would take the listener from Frank Sinatra to the Sex Pistols in six steps, for instance. Listen here.

Jazz by Design (2002-2004)
Weekly specialist music programme featuring new directions in jazz music, particularly focusing on electronic and dancefloor jazz.

Kiwi Jazz Tracks (1998-1999)
Presented by Craig Parker, this daily syndicated programme featured and showcased a new recording produced exclusively for the show by a New Zealand jazz artist, along with a short interview providing background and context. The series also spawned a compilation album. Listen here.

Off The Record: The Kiwi Jazz Show (1996-1997)
Part chat-show, part music showcase, this 1-hour weekly show (inspired by Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz) was hosted by drummer Tony Hopkins, and featured interviews and live in-studio performances by a wide range of New Zealand’s best jazz artists. Listen here.

Radio Drama

Claybourne (1997-1998)
Part sci-fi thriller, part soap opera comedy, and constructed with a cinematic approach to sound design, Claybourne was perhaps the single most ambitious thing I’ve ever been involved with. Story by me and Belinda Todd, sound design by me and Sean Donnelly, and scripts by Jim McLarty and William Davis. Listen here.

Ashley’s Worlds (1996)
A children’s ‘cartoon for radio’ in which an average, everyday house-cat is magically transported into a world of princesses, wizards, thugs, castles and dragons – and in which everyone else also happens to be a cat. His mission: to return to his world and his laundry basket – where he is not in mortal peril quite so much of the time. Script by Belinda Todd, sound by me, story ideas by both. Listen here.

Radio Documentary

Musical Chairs (2002-2004)
Documentary series on Radio New Zealand National featuring a significant New Zealand music personality each week. Contributed half-hour and 1-hour programmes on a range of artists including singer/songwriter Luke Hurley, vocalist Caitlin Smith, saxophonists Jim Langabeer and Nathan Haines, trumpeter Kim Paterson, veteran broadcaster Barry Jenkin and others. Listen at each of the links.

The Story of Jazz (1994-1995)
An attempt (misguided, perhaps) at a complete history of jazz music in 26 1-hour parts, broadcast each week nationwide on Radio Pacific’s nationwide network. Presented by Chris Parkinson.

Pacific Sundays (1992-1995)
A series of weekly radio documentaries ranging between one and three hours in duration, on an incredibly diverse variety of different topics, produced at and broadcast on Radio Pacific with John Haynes and Derek Lowe.

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