Krause celebrates her pre-release album promo

I spent the day at the offices of New Music Labs in Groningen. The morning was spent catching up with emails and phone calls, but by lunchtime, there was a steady stream of visitors bearing problems, questions and gifts.

Krause (above), who has a record deal with Sony, came to chat. I’ve consulted with her in the past, and she gave me a copy of the CD promo she’s managed to produce so far under that contract.

We had a lot of good ideas, and came up with some ways in which she could develop her online strategy, and I’m going to be working with her through More Canals to handle that side of things.

The artists formerly known as ‘Believe is a Doubt’ (really)

I spoke to a band who have played their last gig under their old name, and are laying to rest all of their old music.

They came to me with a new style – but no web strategy, no plan and no band name. They left with all three, some promo photos and a notebook full of ideas.

I spoke to someone who’s writing a dissertation about social media and music business, and I managed to both challenge and develop some of the ideas of that dissertation – and come up with the solution to a problem I’ve been struggling with for New Music Strategies for two years.

Sometimes it just takes the right combination of people in the room at the same time in order to spark an idea.

Dinner with two members of Audiotransparent, who gave me a copy of their split double 7″ single with Great Lake Swimmers.

We talked over dinner (amazing Dutch mustard soup) about their plan to play in theatres, living rooms, concert halls and trains (yep – trains) and their impending meeting with Rough Trade.

I’m back at Lykle’s place now, after a very full day, drinking Frysk Hynder – the Frisian single malt whisky we discovered last night in Leeuwarden, and managed to find a bottle of today in a specialist store in the city centre of Groningen.

A quiet one tonight sorting and uploading photos – and then it’s a 6am train to Amsterdam so I can catch a 10.15 flight from Schiphol back to Birmingham.