Me and Mark Steel

I was in London yesterday, dispensing podcasting and web advice to an international aid agency. I’d travelled down with Sam Coley, who’s our radio guy at the university (I remember being the radio guy…).

We stopped off at Euston station for a bite to eat, and as I was buying my bagel, we noticed Mark Steel standing in a queue at the next cart over. I introduced myself, shook his hand, thanked him for his brilliant TV show (not something I often think about TV shows) and then plucked up the courage to ask him for a photo.

Normally, I leave famous people alone, when I spot them roaming in the wild. I’m not an autograph hunter. But smart people who are funny and politically ‘correct’ (not ‘PC’ – but correct about politics) are so cool. Mark Steel impresses me immensely. And he smiles a lot.

2 thoughts on “Accosting the famous

  1. I have totally loved Mark Steel ever since seeing him on an episode of Mock the Week taking the mick out of John Prescott. (It would take too long to explain why I find British politics so fascinating.) I also managed to discover the Mark Steel Lectures, and have managed to watch a few of those. It’s a very well-done show.

  2. Ah – the legend that is Mark Steel :). Can I recommend a couple of things worth hunting down – the Radio versions of the Mark Steel Lectures / Mark Steel Revolutions – both from Radio 4, and repeated every so often on BBC7.

    Well, it would be another 9.5 hours of time well spent anyway :). They’re brilliant.


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