I’m going to wear this rock around my neck

It’s been three months since my 40th birthday, and the presents keep on coming. My parents have organised a gift from them and my sisters. It’s another original New Zealand artwork, and this time it’s not going to be something to permanently engrave into my skin, but I’ll wear it almost as much: they’re getting a custom-designed pounamu carved for me by master craftsman, Neil Hanna.

The greenstone pendant will be carved out of the rock you see above, and will have a fair bit of heft to it. I’m staying away from the fairly intricate designs that Neil Hanna is known for, but the pendant I’m getting will be largely in keeping with the hei matau (fish hook) / manaia pattern that I have on the tattoo. These things mean something to me.

While we were there, Mum and I went halves in a greenstone pendant for Jake – a sort of chisel-shaped one – and I bought a really gorgeous one for Bobbie. Again, don’t tell her. It’s a surprise.


By the way… I thought this was interesting: Here’s a picture of Neil Hanna showing off a greenstone river pebble. This is a gorgeous piece of rock, just amazing to the touch.

Neil Hanna

That would make an amazing mere. You can start saving up for my 50th now, if you like.

Having a wonderful time, wish you were here.