A note from a friend in New Zealand I’ve been keeping in touch with over this. He’s a music buff, broadcaster and the editor of NetGuide magazine:

I have been doing Podjacking every day the last month in my morning train ride and walks to work. I was interested to researching your comment about whether all Ipodders had interesting music. I jack about four people a day on average -one morning 7. So far I have not heard anything really mainstream but then it could be that Ipodders I have come across tend to be passionate enough about music to buy an Ipod and many interestingly are 30 plus because of the price of the bigger Ipods. Music has ranged from Kronos quartet (50ish year old) to System of a down (20 something) to obscure electronica (mid 30s). The only “disappointment” was U2 (22 year old female).

Not this podjacking – but this one.

2 thoughts on “Summer of podjacking

  1. Most of the “playlists” I’ve seen in podcast and blog lists have been impressivly non-mainstream thus far. This will probabaly change as podcasting and blogging themselves become more mainstream, and early adopters are flanked by popular media enthusiasts. Fortunately, enough “indie” sites have gained sufficient subscribership to weather such a storm.

    On a related note, speaking of portable, non-mainstream content, I’m very excited for portable internet radio services, such as Motorola’s iRadio service and Torian’s iRoamer service. If such products are executed well, I may become a customer, being a big fan of indie radio.


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